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Steve Vai’s Top Works

American Musician & Songwriter:

Steve Siro Vai is one of the best guitarists of all times. He is an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer.  Steve has sold about 15 million copies. The guitar world magazine rated Steve Vai as the 10th greatest guitarist. Steve Vai is an American Musician and songwriter; Steve Vai has won the Grammy awards three times and nominated about 15 times. The genres played by Steve Vai are instrumental rock, hard rock, heavy rock metal, and progressive metal. Steve Vai is one of the people who dedicatedly work on his guitar. When Steve was little, he used to practice on his guitar for almost 14 to 15 hours per day.

Steve Vai's

Steve bought his first electric guitar at the age of 13, along with Joe Satriani he practiced on his guitar for hours. He loved the concept of being disciplined about his training schedule. Frank Zappa’s Band influenced Steve.

Some of his top songs and albums are:

  • For the Love of God.
  • Alien Love Secrets.
  • The Seventh song.
  • Real Illusions.
  • Where the wind things are.

For the love of God:

“For the love of God” is a song from the album called Passion and Warfare. The track is about 6 minutes, and Steve has used many techniques like whammy bar tricks, harmonics, fast legato runs, sweep picking in the song.  The genre of the song is instrumental rock and heavy metal combined. For the love of God song released in the year 1990 is brilliant.

Alien Love Secrets:

The Alien Love Secrets published in the year 1995 and produced by Steve Vai is excellent. It hit the Billboard charts and remained on the charts for about two weeks. The genre of this extended play is Instrumental rock. Some of the songs on the Alien love Secrets album are Bad Horsie, Juice, The Boy from Seattle and Kill the guy with the Ball, etc.

The Seventh song:

The Seventh song album released in the year 2000 is an instrumental rock with an Epic label. The album has about eleven songs, and some of them are Boston Rain Melody, Burning Down the Mountain, Call it Sleep, Windows to the Soul, Hand on Heart and other songs.

Real Illusions:

The Real Illusions released in the year of 2005 by Epic Records. The genre of the album is instrumental rock, Progressive metal, Heavy metal and hard rock. The entire album is about 55 minutes. Some of the tracks from the album are Building the Church, Dying for your love, Freak show excess; I’m Your secrets, Under it all, K’m-Pee-Du-Wee and other songs.

Where the wind things are:

“Where the wild things are” album released in the year 2009 got filmed at the State Theater in Minneapolis. Alex DePue, Ann Marie Calhoun joins Steve in this album to play violin and keyboard. Bryan Beller plays the bass, and Jeremy Colson plays the drums. The songs in the album are Paint me, and Now we Run, The Crying Machine, Shove the sun aside, Angel Food, All About Eve, Building the Church, etc.