Pentatonic Scales Types and Versatility

Pentatonic Scales Types and Versatility

Musical Notes:

Pentatonic scale, unlike the heptatonic scale, has five notes per octave. It is a musical scale that is used very commonly all around the world by musicians. Learning to play an instrument can be quite easy if you are dedicated enough to learn all the musical notes. Sometimes you do not need to learn all the notes to become a musician. Music is something which comes from within, but if you are very much interested in learning about various theoretical music notes and apply it on your instrument, then you are very well allowed to do that.

Pentatonic Scales Types and Versatility

The following are the topics you will read in this article:

  • What is pentatonic scale?
  • Pentatonic Scale types.
  • How to use Pentatonic Scale.
  • How to practice pentatonic scale.

What is pentatonic scale? :

Pentatonic scales are a collection of notes from the major scales. The major scale has seven notes, but the pentatonic scale has only five notes. The notes are executed up and down to generate a pleasant melody. If you are a person, who is new to music and has never heard about pentatonic scales before then you can take a piano and start hitting the keys slowly from backward one after the other. The sound which you hear is a perfect example of a pentatonic scale.

Pentatonic scales are very simple to use and improvise but at the same time looks very complicated, but it is not.

Pentatonic Scale types:

Some of the types of pentatonic scales are:

  • Hemitonic and anhemitonic.
  • Major pentatonic scale.
  • Minor pentatonic scale.

Hemitonic and anhemitonic: Hemitonic scales have one or more semitones, and large interval in between the scales while anhemitonic do not have semitones, and anhemitonic have a smaller interval between the scales.

Major pentatonic: The major pentatonic scales have five tones in the major scale.

Minor Pentatonic Scale: The Minor Pentatonic Scale has five tones in the minor scale.

How to use Pentatonic Scale:

These sales get utilized in the same areas where the minor scales and major scales get used. You can also use these levels where you do not usually apply the minor and major scales. If you are planning to play pentatonic scales in the Blues genre, then it is advisable to practice the scales correctly and to learn it before playing it.

How to practice pentatonic scale? :

  • Practicing a pentatonic scale can get easy if you put your full energy into learning the scales. Try to memorize the minor scales and practice them on your instrument daily to get the hang of it.
  • If you are planning to play the Blues, then you will have to practice much harder to get the perfect note and sound.
  • Once you are familiar with minor scales, you can start to memorize major pentatonic scales and practice them on the instrument.
  • After learning the major and minor scales, you must constantly practice it so that you will not forget any scales or notes. These notes sound good only when you practice hard on a daily basis.